Where Can I Find Testimonials for The Transition?

A website user wrote us:

"I'm on Phase 0, on the 'Spread the Word' step. When I tell friends about the Transition, I would like to say, "Look what they've accomplished." And "when you join, you will be able to network with people who are doing x and y." Are there public testimonials that I could link to, or recent blog posts or social media updates?"


Our official response was:

"There are various places on the site that relate to the question you ask, but if you are anything like those of us on The Transition Team you might not find them currently in a state that satisfies what you are looking for. 

We have an Endorsements page.

Individuals or Groups leave their personal reasons for why they endorse and support the work of The Transition here.

We are collecting "I'm Part of The Transition..." videos for our Youtube channel.

Over 30 people have committed to making a video for us, only 1 has been submitted.

We have the Report Portal for individuals or BUDs to submit their progress reports.

Most reports have not been substantial enough to be considered "news worthy" (not written in article format, no photos or video submitted etc. a common complaint is that The Transition Team does not do this for the individual or group, but given our team's work load and the amount of people registered and using the site this is an extremely unreasonable expectation to have). Our user base is telling us about their "successes" (however they personally define success), during their Progression Sessions or personal conversations, but they are not then being submitted as Progress Reports. Another issue is groups that are proving to be moving along towards their goals in a productive fashion don't want to report anything officially until they have hit one of their major targets that they feel would be more "exciting" (in instances like this we miss out on posts with photos of them working doing gardening, rehab work or doing every day type tasks pertaining to their cottage industry or income producing work.), because they feel most people would not be interested.

Progress Reports are then posted in the Updates section of the site.

So far one Progress Report has been properly written, submitted and posted.

We have Case Study information for Contributors to review. 

While this is research material currently and not "successes" of current website users it demonstrates the feasibility of objectives we propose on The Transition website. In the future we hope to feature material from our actual user base, but such reports have not been submitted. We also intend to get more case studies up from our research, but given our team's work load and the needs of our active users this has not been marked as a high priority task.

Individuals can submit projects they want to start.

Most individuals who register on our site have a vision, but are currently alone. The vast majority of our user base are in the early phases gaining the skills they need to find a team and begin developing a group project.

Ultimately our site is co-created by those using it. While in the past we tried reminding people of commitments, we have found that to be ineffective for those who have not made it through the early phases and thus have not yet done personal development work. We have found that website users who have not yet made it to Phase 2 see reminders as "nagging" making them feel demotivated which does not help The Transition reach long term goals. We are continuing to do research to discover how we can help our user base adapt a mindset of radical responsibility that helps them see the larger vision that our organization is working towards. The more people use the site and are active on Your Action Plan the better it gets!"

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