What is the Process for an "Agenda Review"?



  1. Go through the whole Agenda in headline form, giving a brief idea of what is to be covered and how.
  2. Then, note before, ask for questions and comments.
  3. Don't be defensive about the Agenda that is proposed, but don't change everything at the suggestion of one person, check it out with the group first.
  4. If minor additions are proposed, make the BUD aware that adjustments must be made because of limited time available, like taking something out, postponing something until later, etc.
  5. If an item that some people do not want to deal with is suggested for discussion, consider that there is no Consensus and it cannot be included at that time.
  6. Remember that the Facilitator's role is to the whole of the whole BUD and not to each individual.
  7. When the Agenda has been amended, ask the BUD if they are willing to accept it and insist on a response. They need to be aware of having made a contract with the Facilitator about how to proceed. Besides, it is their Meeting!


Source: Building Social Change Communities

Contributors: Berit Lakey, The Training/Action Affinity Group of Movement for a New Society 

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