What Does "Right Livelihood" Mean?


A basic first step in the pursuit of right livelihood is to look at ways to reduce expenses, either by conserving resources or by reducing consumption-improving efficiency, buying better-made products that last longer, developing renewable technologies (such as solar), sharing, reusing, recycling, rationing, repairing, improvising, and doing without.

Perhaps the most powerful choice we can make to reduce expenses is to change our attitudes to realize that we can live comfortably well with considerably less, that we can reject the pervasive and often subliminal message of advertisers to "buy, buy, buy"... that we won't be modern enough, beautiful enough, rich enough, or normal enough unless we use their particular dish soap, deodorant, designer clothes, alcohol, automobiles, insurance, or investment, program. 


Sources: 'Making a Living?' A Curious Concept-Article

Contributors: Geoph Kozeny

Recommended Reading: Communities Magazine Issue #94