Unnecessary Consumption

The deepest crises experienced by any society are those moments of change when the story becomes inadequate for meeting the survival demands of a present situation. ~ Thomas Berry

The explosive growth of science that began in the West with the Renaissance and ultimately led to industrialism on a global scale has brought humanity many benefits, but at a mounting cost. It has contributed to an increasing lack of clarity about who we are, why we are here, and how we are to relate to one another and the natural world. The problems that seem to be rising on every side today, from personal to environmental, can largely be traced to the “story” that made industrialism possible – the underlying narrative that’s implicit in our textbooks, newspapers, and films that makes us think we are material entities compelled to seek satisfaction in the consumption of increasingly scarce resources. If this were true, competition and violence, along with the destruction of the life-support system of our planet, would be inescapable. Happily, it is not. 

A shift in emphasis across many fields of modern science, facilitated by the remarkable breakthroughs in physics at the start of the last century, has brought to light a far more encouraging picture of human nature that accords with the deepest traditions of human wisdom. This far healthier human image will support changes in all areas.

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Sources: Metta Center: What is a Road-map

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  • marlene gilbert
    To see more on the history of consumerism, watch the BBC documentary called ‘Century of the Self, part one.’ It sometimes can checked out at libraries or its on YouTube. It helped to understand my parents generation better.
  • Brian Fey
    Here is a little tour of my off-grid space where we are designing and living a culture which is more fulfilling with far less consumption: https://youtu.be/nf-P2sXxacQ

    And you can like the Facebook page to follow our progress: https://www.facebook.com/bosqueforest

    Want more: http://www.bosquevillage.com/notes/index.php?title=Where_to_find_the_Bosque_Village_online
  • Leslie Muse
  • Denise Carbuccia
    This is powerful. Will share the crap out of it
  • Erykah Ubuntu

    I really like to learn more about reducing my foot print, here is what i’m doing currently.
    Always aiming for a waste free kitchen but really am too loose on actually recycling, i’m sure a lot of recyclable trash goes paste me.

    Buying bulk, currently buying 3 – 4 reoccurring products in packaging.
    Using reusable fruit and veggie bags.
    Reusable food storage bags and covers.
    stone wear baking trays to reduce tin foil
    easy one – reusable water bottle but do get filtered water in 5 gallon jug. would like to get a home filtration system in the future. Not RO because of water waste.
    Vegan diet, locals farmer market and CSA
    Bakashi composting and chicken coop for food waste

    Almost all my clothes and two daughters comes from clothing exchange parties, other necessities from thrift stores.
    minimalist lifestyle with everything i own cataloged
    No makeup
    No shaving
    Laptop from 2007, going strong
    Old Iphone _
    I was living in a fifth wheel 300 sqft for 3 people for a year, now co housing with 3 other people, making it 6 that live in one house. (easy grey water recycling) and had compost toilet, humanure.

    Hang dry clothes whenever possible and convenient
    cloth diapers, wipes and elimination communication
    Used family cloth for a year but haven’t for the last month.
    Diva cup!!!
    I only biked for a year but now new baby is too small to put in bike trailer, cold conditions.
    Grow food.

    leaving my partner highly reduced my waste! He once brought a set of Styrofoam dish stuff and said look, now we won’t have to wash dishes… doy! :/

    Shampoo and conditioner, either use reusable bottles and get bulk or try baking soda and vinegar
    Bake bread to eliminate packaging, make almond milk
    Find an alternative for my curly hair gel, i’ve tried coconut oil and sugar in water spray.
    get on birth control asap haha! That would be highly eco friendly
  • Karen Fischbach
    Watching this I become impatient to find ways to meet my needs and those of the community around me in self sustaining ways. I already look for and try to implement as many renewable, locally available alternatives to consumer products as possible, but would like to have more time to devote to this.
  • Paul Schoen
    This is a good video, especially considering it is from 2007, before the economic crash and the unprecedented gridlock in our government caused by Republicans and “conservatives”. I’m sure things are worse now, and I doubt that any major improvement is forthcoming anytime soon. We really need to educate people to reality, but unfortunately a large number have been thoroughly brainwashed by advertisements and politicians and corporate shills. How to get people to think rationally is the challenge.
  • John Kinney
    Very good video. I knew some of this already, but seeing it all laid out the way it was really opened my eyes.
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