The Transition Team Needs Support for Feature Request on Nationbuilder

We have built The Transition website on Nationbuilder and although it is feature rich there are some features we feel we need, but that they do not offer at this time. In order for their staff to work on these developments they need to see how serious we are about needing them. 

Feedback from the Nationbuilder community drives what features they build and what issues they fix right away. Nationbuilder can't fix or do everything (although they really want to!), so encouraging other people to also give their feedback is very helpful. Here's the link to one of the feature requests we have asked them for in order to help us serve all of you better. Please go to the following feature request page listed below and check the box that says "Important" and leave a comment if you like!

Automatic PATH Set-up

Once you have checked the box "Important" and or left a comment. Please let us know you did so at the Report Portal so we can give you Buzz Bucks for your time.

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