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Cryptocurrency VS Abolishing Currency


In this episode of What Would Save the World? #cryptocurrency VS the idea of #abolishingcurrency is discussed with crypto-enthusiast and expert Jodi Coyote & The Transition Team's Seed Nicole Bienfang.

Hosted by Took Edalow:


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The following is a list of resources pertaining to the topics discussed during this interview:

Zeitgeist Movement


Zeitgeist: Addendum Documentary




Jodi Coyote


Nicole Bienfang


The Venus Project


Resource Based Economy


Places that Accept Bitcoin


Cryptocurrency Mining


School of Rock Reference


Nicole’s Sustainable Living Podcast Interview


Sharing Economy


Foreclosures and Homelessness


Watch Your Thoughts...Frank Outlaw








Mutual Aid


-Isms and Hierarchy


Trump Voters


Bottom Up Movements for Social Change



Multi-Vendor Businesses


Cell Phone Family Plans


How to Throw a Friends Not Foes Feast/Potluck


Where Nicole Lives Demographic Statistics


#Metoo Movement


Time’s Up Organization


Conference Took and Nicole Met


Bitcoin Remittance


Benefits of Cryptocurrency Over Money


Google Alerts


Cryptocurrency Like Stocks?


Sharing Economy Businesses


The Type of Communism Took describes (Free e-book The Conquest of Bread)


The Plenty


Oprah Reference


List of Cryptocurrency


Gold Standard


Ways to Join Forces


Share Resources




Alternative to Money, Cryptocurrency and Barter


Intentional Community Took has Lived


3D Printing


Marketing Creating Desire for Products


Seniors and STDs


Jodi’s Workshops

[email protected]


Your Action Plan


Recommended Listening: Cryptocurrency VS Abolishing Currency 

Contributors: Jodi Coyote,Took Edalow, Nicole Bienfang 

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