Starting a Movement

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  • Robert Howes
    I have cited this video to various people over the years. I don’t think any of them really got it. Anyway, I now have my number two person and looking for more. Only in the UK at present but hoping to expand to Spain and then the world.
  • Marcia Everett
    We certainly need to MOVE but how? I think we need to rescue as much soil and land as we can. We need to own it so that developers can not continue to tear down trees. We need to hold it in trust or under a non-profit until we can turn it over to an RBE government. People are already caravaning from their countries where food and resources are scarce. Some due to not allowing these people to earn money, and some from pollution. LET’S MOVE!! Fill your yard with a food forest. Then come back for phase two.
  • Marcia Everett
    I’m okay with being angry at how things are. But that is not all I am. I am actively doing what Buck Minster Fuller said. Build the thing you want and let the thing you don’t want, become obsolete.
  • Jordan Conley
    So simple! Very true nonetheless!
  • Keegan Quinn
    This one got me right in the feels.
  • Nick Segal
    Brilliant 💭
  • Nébesna Fortin
    Nice !
  • Cicada Musselman
    Loving this… so simple and yet effective. Great narrator.
  • Paul Schoen
    I’ve seen this, or something similar, before. I agree that it does take some courage to be a leader, or even one of the first followers, but then it becomes acceptable and not so scary. That is my concept for an intentional community, to gather a few similar-minded individuals in a group, and keep channels open for outsiders to observe and participate. “If you build it, they will come” (Field of Dreams).
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