Start a Dialogue

Don't rest on your laurels and be a "Like" or "Share" lemming create a segway that helps people open up a dialogue. Remember in order to Start a Movement you have to have a second crazy dancing person and sometimes that "crazy" person needs to be an outspoken or vulnerable version of YOU!


This is a Facebook post belonging to one of my friend's that went through my FB feed. Notice what she writes above this video of nature she chose to share.


I used relaxed spelling and language that is authentic to the relationship I have with this person (heck this isn't even a complete sentence probably should have gone back and edited it! lol). I then shared a related link from The Transition website that directly correlated with what she said above the video.


Sometime after my comment I received a friend request from Ivi Brown (according to FB she is friends with my friend who made this post). I accepted her friend request automatically, not thinking or considering the comment I had made on our mutual friend's FB page. My belief is that anyone that is friends with this friend of mine is an exceptional person deserving of an accepted friend request.


This message from Ivi was found in my "Other" folder in my inbox. Please note the time stamps of the original post and Ivi's message to me. Also, pay attention to how I let her know what my expectations were of her now that I have given her this information.


This is Ivi's next message to me after I provided her the link to Your Action Plan. I am her Point Person so she contact me yet again to make immediate plans for her Review Session. Take note of how she mirrors the same respect I gave her by letting me know when she would be done with her first Phase and looking forward to reconnecting for her Phase Review. Pay attention again the time stamp and how fast it took her to:

  • Find out about The Transition
  • Ask more questions to become engaged.
  • Take next steps.
  • Have her Review Session

It really is that simple! I have daily interactions like this all the time.

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