Site Expectations

Share with us what your expectations are of using the site. Please do your best to answer the questions below as well as provide any other expectations that come to mind.

  1. What problems do you feel we will help you solve or resolve?
  2. How active do you intend to be with the site (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)?
  3. Do you expect to do the bulk of the work to get your project off the ground, or do you feel that's the role you want our Transition Team to play?what_do_you_expect.jpg
  4. Do you plan to be very invested in our organization and stay with us for a long time (maybe even years) or are you registered on the site just to see what it's about?
  5. How do you expect our organization to fund projects (like yours) in order to launch them?
  6. Do you feel our site is meant to help you solely with professional matters or personal ones too?
  7. Are you willing to contribute and give to others registered on the site as well as receive and take their offerings?
  8. Are you willing to help with promoting the site as long as you feel it is in alignment with your personal values?
  9. Do you expect your use of this site to be "life altering" in any way?
  10. With the knowledge that we are run by a small and 100% volunteer run team, how fast do you feel our turn around time will be for any things entered into the Suggestion Box or sent to us via the Contact Us pages?
  11. Do you feel all of the above expectations you have provided are reasonable?

Feel free to write any additional expectations that were not prompted at the close of your answers to the questions above.

As the title of your submission please type your FULL NAME followed by the word EXPECTATION.

Example: Joan Smith's Expectations

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

1. Connecting to people who think like me about the economic system

Connecting to people who think like me about the economic system
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1. Help with my English

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2. Activity monthly

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A better choice

I came across Transition while investigation Transition Town. The home page rang true for me - in that by providing better options, we can change the world. So, I'm not looking for help to solve problems, but am looking for a way to contribute to the vision. I intend to be involved daily, at least to start, while I work on my action plan. I have no issues with doing the bulk of the work on a project. I originally registered to get more information on contributing. I guess we will see where it goes from here! I don't expect funding for projects. I would love to be able to contribute my skills to others. Yes, from what I have seen so far, I would be willing to promote this site. I don't know if it will be "life-altering", but I sure hope it will be! No specific turn around time expected. Yes, I feel my expectations are reasonable.

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Alana Gamage's Expectations

I feel incredibly alone at my mission to help humanity transition to a new system. I need teamwork. I need a community of like-minded and kind-hearted individuals to understand what I am trying to do and want to help. I am feeling all alone in my efforts and that makes me fall into depression and then I can't take care of even my basic needs. I feel like this site may be the solution to all of my needs right now. So I am going to give it a chance.

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Andy Campbell's Expectations

1. I'm hoping you guys can help me find a way to use my skills and interests to do something meaningful. I've got some ideas, like using disruptive tech for good, getting intentional communities into amateur radio, and setting up non-commercial telecoms. But these are just ideas, not set in stone. I'm open to other ways I can help out. 2. Right now, I'm still working full-time, so I'll probably check in a few times a week. Once I retire, I'll have more time to be active, probably daily. 3. I'm ready to do what I can, but I'll need some help, especially because of my visual impairment. I'm hoping we can work together on this. 4. Of course, I'm still getting my bearings here, but ultimately I'm not here just to look around. I'm hoping to stick around for a while and really make a difference. 5. Some projects may or may not even need funding. However, for many I know money has to come from somewhere, like donations or grants. Once I retire, I'll be on a tighter budget, so I can't give a lot of money, but I can give my time and effort. I don't have a lot of experience with fundraising. 6. I think the line between professional and personal is kind of blurry here. I'm hoping to find projects that matter to me personally, but that also make a difference in the world. 7. Definitely. I'm all about community and helping each other out. I'm happy to share what I know and learn from others. 8. Sure, as long as it stays true to values like liberation, community, and progress, I'm happy to spread the word. 9. I hope so, but who knows? I'm open to the idea. I'm hoping that the projects I work on will make a difference, and that could be pretty life-changing. 10. I get that you're all volunteers, so I'm not expecting instant responses. I'm patient and I appreciate the work you're doing. 11. I think so. I know we all have to put in effort to make things work, and I'm ready to do what I can.

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Answers to the questions

2. monthly, 3. Collaborating is the only way we can Transition, 4. Yes, I am very invested although I spend little time here, 5. My organization has self funding, 6. I want this site to help mostly with catalyzing a paradigm shift, 7. I am a fully committed Gifter 8. Yes, raising awareness about solutions is how we change the world, 9. My life is changing every year, 10. You seem pretty fast at responding. 11. Yes.

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a place to welcome and force the writing of my vision for change

1. getting involved with your org. forces me to fully explain to somebody “in the field”, as it were (the field of “Planet Healing”?, i heard it refered that way once) my complex vision of possible change... that is my primary goal met, right there... let’s do this, bring it, lol... 2. Daily, is my honest guestimate at this point. 3. i expect to do all the work, i guess 4. i HOPE to work with what you do and represent at least until we heal this damn planet! (after maybe we can just stay friends? lol) 5. at this point i’m not looking for funding. 6. in my world those do not distinguish so readily, but i expect your site might welcome whatever stays relevant to the current focus. 7. absolutely, love to share and to learn and explore 8. for sure i’ll help, maties... yarrr 9. it seems to want to go there, perhaps... i expect this whole year to be life altering in the sense that i intend to do my best to activate or release my vision... and if your group can help me get started and perhaps even gather a bit of traction... shazam, life altered. Do i expect this? hmmm. . . . YES ! yes i do :) 10. i think maybe a week might be reasonable, less would be better obviously... 3 days might be optimal, if 1 day creates too much stress... and “variable within a week depending on work load” would also be just fine... if it’s reliable, i would have patience for whatever. 11. what? i should go back and read? i trust myself the first time... i’m reasonable, i did my best...yes they’re reasonable (but please let me know otherwise)

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A summary response

1. It is my interest to work towards the establishment of a resource-based paradigm in which human development is driven beyond avarice and infantile greed to promote the advancement of civilization as is necessary in keeping with the needs of the presently living population and posterity such as expanding our social and civil infrastructure to assure universal access to food, water, housing, medical care and open communications, including achievements necessary to the survival of the species, such as the establishment of human habitats in the deep sea, in deep space and on other worlds. For such projects to be driven forward without being hoarded, sidetracked, retarded or disestablished in the interest of private greed, they must be undertaken by workers, engineers, researchers and explorers dedicated to the advancement and quality life of all people and all living things. To these ends, I believe that organizations such as this serve a greater purpose in resolving the problems faced by humanity and by an overcrowded, over-polluted and strangulated Earth. 2. If there are projects being actively undertaken to this end or people organizing towards the undertaking of such projects in the public interest, I will be active herein daily, or at the very least several times a week, in coordinating to put 40+ hours a week of effort into advancing these goals. 3. Experience has taught me that the bulk of the work in getting any project off of the ground has been my responsibility, however, I look greatly forward to meeting and coordinating with other motivated individuals willing to put an equal, mutual cooperative effort into advancing such goals towards the same ends, and I am more than willing to work as a part of any team presently engaged in such endeavors. 4. I am invested in the organization in that I know some of the people involved in establishing this group and this platform. I am dedicated to the same goals, and my participation can be expected to last for as long as I am mentally and physically fit for duty. 5. Matters of funding will depend on a particular project. For example, if I was to launch a specific public works, research or exploratory project in the immediate future, I would expect that the purposes of such a project as well as of this organization would most immediately be served by incorporating a non-profit organization dedicated to that project, for a pre-determined period of time or indefinitely, depending on the circumstances of the particular project, so that other organizations and individuals with a shared interest would be able to contribute to the capital necessary to such an undertaking, under the present paradigm, without being further taxed for their contribution. Efforts to these ends would be well-assisted with information, streamlining or capital designated for the purpose of providing such an incorporation framework. Any other assistance which can be offered, such as in organizing to partner with other organizations which can back the expense and labor of such a project (perhaps organizations such as the Corporation for National and Community Service/Americorps/Vista) would also be of great benefit in getting projects started, and seeing them through to completion. 6. I have no opinion on the question of professional and personal matters, the two are very much interconnected in that we will be getting nothing accomplished if the needs of the workers are not met, yet it is very easy for a team to turn into a constant 24/7 social club or a group counseling session, if constant distraction from the goals of the project is to be expected, thus I would consider such a team to be balanced in it's work, between seeing to the welfare of the collective as well as focusing on setting clear goals and timelines for the accomplishment of the work at hand, and sticking to them. 7. I am willing to do whatever I can to advance the projects being undertaken, and I expect it to be a cooperative effort, so yes. 8. I am willing to help with promoting the site and the organization as long as I feel that it is in alignment with my personal values. 9. I expect my involvement in any project or organization to be life altering in several ways...most notably, in the amount of free time that I have available to dedicate to other projects. 10. I have no idea how fast the turn around time for suggestions and contacts will be, I expect that it will be entirely dependent and variable based upon the size and availability of the volunteer staff dedicated to reviewing and responding to such matters. 11. I feel that my expectations are reasonable, and if they're not, I hope that someone will point out where I am in error.

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Avo Quadro's Expectation

I'm comfortable and confident in my self and my abilities to provide for myself living at my parents. However I would like to branch off and move out with my best friend who is struggling at the moment. We are like our own 2 man seedling. We have BIG plans to contribute massively to this project in the future. However at the moment we are bogged down in figuring out a housing plan that has been changing day by day. I am comfortable here at my parents and they have an extra room. I'm awaiting a response from them if they will let him stay for 2 months to give us time to save up some money and move out. Worst case scenario we drive south to some place warm to be homeless for a bit while we figure out a source of income and a short term housing situation. 1. If we could find temporary housing here that would be ideal if not we'll eventually seek out housing when we travel south. So housing, food, and potential as money to travel to a job is the most we'll ever ask for. 2. Depends on what I'm focused on. But on average I'm guessing weekly because I don't like to spend much time on my phone. I prefer to garden and do face to face project/tasks/chores with for the seedling and bud at first until I shift focus to where I'm needed most. 3. I expect to do the bulk of the work and be the main leader/organizer for my bud. I'm very considerate, easy to work with and will prioritize our success like our lives depend on it. I'm not afraid to go a whole week straight without food or water. I only things I worry about for myself is warmth, connection and friends who have my back. 4. I'm serious in everything I do, however I'm not counting on this to work. I'm always searching for backup plans so to minimize my/our dependency. I don't want to get my seedlings hopes up and not deliver. I do all I can and when I feel myself getting to stressed I take a break, meditate, do breathwork and seek out help. I give and receive intelligently. 5. I have ideas. We can talk and figure this stuff out together ❤️ 6. Personal only. Professional stuff is done within my seedling 7. Yes. I'm here to give and receive. Omni-win all the way! 8. Yes. If this helps my seedling, we will naturally promote it. 9. Helpful yes. The ripple effects may be life altering. I don't know what to expect from you guys. Idk who is close by. Idk if anyone around is able or available to help. Idk how big this network is. We are all creating as we go. 10. Few days to a week 11. Yes

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Building Community

1. I am hoping for guidance in building an arts-centered community. 2. Not sure. 3. I am happy to do the bulk of the work. 4. Depends on how it goes. 5. I'm not expecting The Transition to fund my project, but if I do need funding for part of it I hope The Transition can connect me with others who want to see what I'm doing succeed. 6. The professional should be personal. 7. Absolutely. 8. Yes. 9. I hope so. 10. Not sure. 11. Yes.

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Charles Trussell's expectation

Looking to possible connections to others interested in energy research.

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Communication, and collaboration WANTED, Alive.

I was expecting more communication available with other people like me. Also, there is a lot of talk about the plan, but how it all could be done? Suggest taking a look at a simple project like precious plastic which includes BuddyPress so people could communicate. This platform looks over complicated and based only on talks.

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1. Networking with individuals and groups with aligned intentions and end goals

2. This will be context dependent. Activity with the site is directly correlated with activity with the network as a whole.

3. The project does not lend itself to outsourcing as it is a formulation of a meditative framework. As such, it is constrained via its applicable communication channels and the ability to properly navigate the framework itself.

4. Investment in this organization is a natural consequence of the outcomes of meditative framework itself. It is not a matter of any personal plans specifically, but simply the next logical step of my investment into the framework.

5. Via coordination of mutual needs and building a web of trust with entities that can accommodate them

6. The two are codependent.

7. Yes. Exchange of materials is fundamental for satisfying both physical and mental health for all participants of the exchange.

8. By definition

9. In the sense that my work will have a broader context and further potential for realization.

10. Not fast, but it is possible that really good suggestions may be put on a fast track based on their merits.

11. I do.

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Creativity = Capital

1. I imagine The Transition will help solve the problem of how to unite a diversity of strategies that will help create an urban ecovillage. 2. I intend to be active on this site multiple times a week. 3. I expect that I and my team will be doing the work to get our project off the ground with the support of The Transition Team. 4. I expect to be involved for a long time. We will see how long internet lasts. I'll be involved longer if the organization gains some organizational traction in my town. 5. I have no expectations to receive funding for my project. That would be cool though. I imagine guidance toward effective crowd funding would be more expected. 6. I think the site will help with both professional and personal matters. 7. Yes, I am willing to be supportive as others to the degree that I feel capable. We are more effective in cooperation rather than competition. 8. Yes, I'm willing to promote the site, especially if I feel like it is supportive to my mission of ecovillagizing my town. 9. I hope this site proves to be an indispensable ally. 10. I imagine the turn around time to acknowledging and addressing the suggestion or contact to take a week or two. I imagine people volunteering at the level of administration are pretty committed to this site. At least as long as there is internet. 11. Yeah I think everything I wrote is reasonable!

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Crystal Ferrera's Expectations

1. My husband and I are starting out farm/possible intentional community on July1 2021 and I hope to use the resources here to help guide me/network during our journey. I'm looking for existing wisdom from those that came before us. 2. My amount of activity will be directly linked to the amount of benefit am receiving from thsi process. That may come either from internal inspiration or from external support or a combination of both. We will see. 3. At this point in time I'm expecting to do all the work, but am hopeful that I will naturally just find help along the way. I guess this possibly can come from a transition team, but I don't know what that looks like. I am also hopeful my vision will resonante with others as I put my energy out into the community, and we can gain momentum together. 4. Again at this point I have no idea what to expect from this site. I looked around for a while and I am not seeing very much activity. If I get nothing back I probabl won't become very involved at all. If I am seeing benefits from being involved then I may be here for a long time. What I do know if the ideas behind the purpose of creating this site seem to align with my own, and given the right connections it's possible we can connect and help each other tremendously. 5. Funding my projects?!? That would be amazing, however the experience of learning from people who have already built an intentional community/sustainable project and the people I am hoping to meet to help me with the actual build part (labor) is more important to me. What I need is knowledge and experience. I'm expecting my income to do most of the funding. 6. My transition to this lifestyle and out of the corporate world is 100% to meld my professional interests with my personal interests for a more fulfilling human experience. So for that reason your site is to help me with both since they are now one in the same. 7. I hope so. My understanding is the whole purpose is to network and learn from each other. 8. If I see movement and benefit from the site then absolutely. 9. Everything I'm doing every single day is life altering at this point. So, yes. 10. I don't have an expectation about your timing at all. 11. My expectations are more than reasonable 12. I expect the more energy I send into the universe the more energy the universe will send back.

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