Robert Howes- Site Expectations

What problems do you feel we will help you solve or resolve?

Contact with others of like mind.

How active do you intend to be with the site (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)?

It will vary. In the past it has been daily but has reduced due to other commitments.

Do you expect to do the bulk of the work to get your project off the ground, or do you feel that's the role you want our Transition Team to play?

 Yes, I expect to do the bulk of the work.

Do you plan to be very invested in our organization and stay with us for a long time (maybe even years) or are you registered on the site just to see what it's about?

Yes, I will stay with The Transition, long term.

How do you expect our organization to fund projects (like yours) in order to launch them?

You can only fund projects if the projects provide the funding in the first place until a generous benefactor comes along.

Do you feel our site is meant to help you solely with professional matters or personal ones too?

I had not thought too much about this. It is for The Transition to decide what help the organization can give.

Are you willing to contribute and give to others registered on the site as well as receive and take their offerings?


Are you willing to help with promoting the site as long as you feel it is in alignment with your personal values?


Do you expect your use of this site to be "life altering" in any way?


With the knowledge that we are run by a small and 100% volunteer run team, how fast do you feel our turn around time will be for any things entered into the Suggestion Box or sent to us via the Contact Us pages?

I don't mind that The Transition Team takes the time to do things right.

Do you feel all of the above expectations you have provided are reasonable? Yes.

Feel free to write any additional expectations that were not prompted at the close of your answers to the questions above.

I have (at this stage) hope rather than expectations. The Transition has given us the tools. It is for us, to use them correctly.