Site Expectations

1. I expect to be constantly mildly annoyed by this brand of philosophy with no particular benefits. 2. Intermittently 3. I don't have a project, and this philosophy of constant goal-seeking is part of my problem. 4. You expect people to answer this during their first interaction with your site? I guess this is a psych question that encourages people to envision themselves into the future at a point of high energy/engagement (presumably now), and causing them to steer their future goals towards site engagement. I'm not in this state so this question means nothing. 5. I don't. 6. Neither. 7. I don't know who they are or what sort of things people contribute. 8. I don't think the overall philosophy of this site aligns with my personal values. 9. No. 10. I don't care. 11. I think the degree that being exposed to your philosophy annoys the shit out of me is a little irrational, but it seems like combining my mother, an overenthusiastic middle school teacher, and a project management app. 12. I logged in after Nicole mentioned that some people have multiple accounts, and I wondered about that, and I realized, hmm, I've never done any steps in My Action Plan, I wonder why? And then I looked at step one and I'm like "oh, that's why, passive-aggressive mind games couched as questions."

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