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The Transition ( is an organization that was formed in part to better serve the intentional community and advertising_budget.jpg 
co-op business community, to help make their impact on cultural shift have even more of an impact. We are interested in learning more about the budgets and platforms you work with in order to spread awareness about your intentional communities and community owned or related businesses, so that we might serve you and your needs better. So, that we can better serve you please answer the following questions and send your responses to
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  1. Do you have an advertising and or marketing budget? (If so how much per month/year?)

  2. Through what mediums do you promote? -Dedicated Website, SEO, Search Engine Ads, Television Ads, Radio Ads, Magazine Ads, Website Banner Ads, Classified Ads (Print/Online), Newsletters (Print/E-mail), Directory Listings(Print/Online), Social Network Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest etc), Social Network Ad Space, Blog(s), Trade Shows, Conferences (Tabling/Sponsorship), Brochures/Flyers, Earned Media-

  3. With whom do you promote? Please specify the specific names of those you buy advertising space or marketing services from regarding your answers to #2.

  4. Do you currently participate in holidays promotions or co-op media buys?

  5. Do you partner with any other nearby or similar intentional communities or organizations for advertising or marketing purposes?

  6. Do you currently cross promote via web presence on related websites that target the same niche demographic?

  7. What is the ROI (return on investment) you are seeing with the budget and platforms you are currently using?

  8. Would you promote more aspects of your group or organization if it was bundled or tied in with the fees you are already paying for advertising and marketing( i.e. speaking engagements, blogs, books written by community members or about community, numerous community owned businesses instead of just one etc.)?

  9. Is your current advertising and or marketing strategy meeting the needs or expectations of the group or organization you serve?

  10. Are you attracting quality and qualified leads from your current advertising and marketing methods?

  11. Do you have a dedicated staff that works exclusively on your advertising or marketing needs?

  12. What would be ideal for your group or organization in regards to the work you do regarding advertising and marketing and the results you get?

  13. How do you feel those that provide advertising and marketing to you currently could improve?

We appreciate your time and feedback and look forward to serving the needs you you bring up in this questionnaire.

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