Reasons for Revoking Team Membership:

  1. Missing 4 Consecutive Meetings with no communication as to why they are skipping meetings.

  2. Failure to participate in any active project for more than 3 weeks.

  3. Failure to pay 2 months or more of current Contributorship.

  4. Consistently failing to be on time for meetings to such a degree that it affects our teamwork.

Any member may request for revoking another member’s membership only after demonstrating that the accused member meets one of the above reasons.

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Prospective Team Member Protocol:

Step 1: You must be actively doing Your Action Plan and preferably be on or beyond Phase 2.

If you are proceed to step 2.


Step 2: You must be available to attend team meetings see Calendar for current scheduled meetings or contact your Point Person for more information.

If you are proceed to step 3. If you can not make scheduled team meetings, ask your Point Person  if meeting days and or times will change in the near future. If not it's possible for you to be a Consultant depending on your skills skills and expertise. If not you are unable to do any of the above then you are ineligible to be a Transition Team member.


Step 3: You must understand and agree to the 13 Team Commitments.

If you agree to them ask your Point Person when the next meeting will be held that prospective team members can attend. 


Step 4: Please take the following personality tests and send your results to your Point Person BEFORE the team meeting you will be attending as a prospective team member.


Step 5: Attend the next team meeting you committed to going to as a prospective team member.

If you DO attend the meeting both the team and you will decide if everyone is a good fit. If they do not attend the opportunity is lost less you reschedule and you actually attend the next available meeting. However, "no call, no shows" are taken into consideration when determining if you are capable fulfilling the role of being a Transition Team Member. Not making commitments diminishes your credibility to the team as a whole.


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Transition Team Membership Levels:

Member- A member is someone who follows all team commitments, attends all meetings, is actively working on a project within The Transition, has agreed to Our Trust and adheres to the responsibilities of a Trustee therein.


Consultant - A consultant is someone who assists The Transition team, may attend some meetings to elaborate or help the team with their skill set, and may or may not contribute monetarily to The Transition funds.


Contributor- A contributor is someone who was once a supporter, but wants to become more proactive and is assisting with a monthly contribution to be used as pooled funds to help The Transition grow and create and implement programs. They may or may not be a member of the Transition Team.

All contributors should be actively following and participating in the Our Plan.

Supporter - A supporter is someone who supports The Transition’s Mission, but is not taking an active role. They may use free resources off the website (, but do not have a paid Contributorship. They do not actually belong to the Transition Team and only support the work that the organization does in general.

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Transition Team Commitments:

  1. All team members must commit $5 a month as a website Contributorship (found on the Become a Contributor page of the website) to show commitment and devotion to this movement, as well as maintain that membership. The only exclusions to this is if a member lives in an intentional community that pays a monthly membership to The Transition on behalf of the whole community.

  2. Complete all TEAM WORK that was assigned the week before or the due date that was committed to. Your failure to do so affects the whole team’s output and creates confusion.

  3. A member who does not show up, nor give notice of their absence, or leaves before the set end time for 3 consecutive meetings (or very frequently) will not be allowed to join or participate in any new projects for a week’s time.  Consistent disregard for this rule may lead to a group vote for removal from the team.

  4. Respect each other, and the time and effort they are contributing, by using “Please” & “Thank You” as often as possible.  Use Non-Violence Communication in order to speak and hear only in needs and feelings.

  5. Always consider if your work and actions are in the best interest of The Transition and not your personal ego. (NOTE: Access to documents and bringing in new members need to follow our Prospective Team Member Protocol)

  6. Do not over commit to projects if you do not have the time availability or skill-set to fulfill the needed task. Your having the integrity to be honest leaves room for others to show what they bring to the table and allows the team to develop many leaders who take initiative.

  7. If you say you are going to do something, then follow through with that promise. Do not set unrealistic deadlines for yourself.

  8. Major Power Point Presentations are not needed as long as you can communicate your vision to the team clearly. The more visuals the better! Keep it short and sweet.

  9. For ALL projects, please follow our Branding Guidelines and Best Practices so we send out a consistent message to the public. (under development)

  10. Keep our Skype channel as clean as possible so people can see announcements etc. If things get into a debate or long conversation please take it over to a PM (private message) discussion. No one wants to weed through 100+ posts just to find the one valuable piece of  information they are looking for or actually need.

  11. We are Doing the work we are doing and seeing results and how it impacts lives should be reward enough. Do not expect teammates to reignite your passion or give you a “Why?” to maintain your level of motivation and commitment.

  12. Communicate your needs to the group as they come up. No one is a mind reader here.

  13. All teamwork belongs to The Transition and must be kept within an approved The Transition place such as our website or our Google Docs folders.

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