Prospective Team Member Protocol:

Step 1: You must be actively doing Your Action Plan and preferably be on or beyond Phase 2.

If you are proceed to step 2.


Step 2: You must be available to attend team meetings see Calendar for current scheduled meetings or contact your Point Person for more information.

If you are proceed to step 3. If you can not make scheduled team meetings, ask your Point Person  if meeting days and or times will change in the near future. If not it's possible for you to be a Consultant depending on your skills skills and expertise. If not you are unable to do any of the above then you are ineligible to be a Transition Team member.


Step 3: You must understand and agree to the 13 Team Commitments.

If you agree to them ask your Point Person when the next meeting will be held that prospective team members can attend. 


Step 4: Please take the following personality tests and send your results to your Point Person BEFORE the team meeting you will be attending as a prospective team member.


Step 5: Attend the next team meeting you committed to going to as a prospective team member.

If you DO attend the meeting both the team and you will decide if everyone is a good fit. If they do not attend the opportunity is lost less you reschedule and you actually attend the next available meeting. However, "no call, no shows" are taken into consideration when determining if you are capable fulfilling the role of being a Transition Team Member. Not making commitments diminishes your credibility to the team as a whole.


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