Personal Impact of Phase II – “Weeding” (Community)

​I have watched the following videos called The Basics:


Watching The Basics is like taking The Transition 101. It acts as a good overview in video form about what we are all about and the essence we carry with us through all of our work. For us to communicate with others from a standpoint that is productive and in line with expanding our consciousness, we have to observe our perceptions and how we are bringing in our ideas. Remember this change and movement isn’t about judging what is currently in place, being angry at it and changing it to make it better. It’s about choosing to step out and expand our possibility of what can be. Our belief systems of how things must be need to be left behind if we really want to open things up and move beyond our current way of experiencing. By watching these short videos you get a good introduction about what we stand for and the direction we are heading. By us shifting our own consciousness and way of seeing things, it will reflect powerfully onto others and will act as a powerful example for more people to begin changing. Believe it or not, shifting our own thinking is one of the most powerful things we can do.


I am aware of how to Find Nearby Supporters

Collaborating with others is a key way to create and expand your BUD to include like minded individuals. Building a community requires knowing who may be interested in assisting you in your endeavor. Those who have signed up for The Transition are looking to make an impact.


I am aware of how to find Free Wifi

If you are like most of our supporters you feel internet access is almost as essential as air. As an organization, we are always finding ways to reduce your expenses and make it easier to connect to other like-minded folks. Providing info about where to access free Wifi is just one of the many ways we try to accomplish this for our supporters and Contributors.


I am aware of the available Spaces​

We know as a social change-maker you are unable to make a large impact in the work you do when your own basic necessities are not being met. By knowing where to find spaces to meet your needs, we hope to assist you in finding a place to lay your head at night as well as other spaces to help you support yourself, your local community or build or maintain a BUD.


I am aware of the available Objects​

The Transition believes in living in such a way that we demonstrate the 6 R’s in our daily lives. By sharing our unwanted tangibles, we are able to eliminate waste and reduce the need for landfills. One person’s trash CAN BE another person’s treasure or much needed resource. By investing in ourselves and each other when we make these resources more readily available, we help our movement grow and thrive.


I am aware of the available BUDs

Knowing what BUDs are available is an essential first step in becoming more involved.  You can chose to join an already established one or decide on creating a new BUD with a different focus than the ones in your local area to accomplish more collectively.



I contacted the seed person of one or more BUDs

The Transition is creating a network of networks. We are linking multiple movements with each other in order to reach our mutual and overlapping goals faster. By contacting a Seed person you are both expanding your personal network and making The Transition stronger and more resilient as a movement.


I attended the meeting of one or more BUDs

Attending BUD meetings is very helpful. It gives you a taste of what other groups are doing, where you fit in and helps you determine if you see needs in your local area that are not being met that could potentially need another BUD to serve them. If you are new to The Transition it is a good way to learn about how BUD meetings run and what your personal responsibilities would look like if you were to form your own BUD.


I joined or created a BUD​

We understand not all people are ready for taking on the role of a leadership position. If that is you, than joining  a pre-existing BUD is probably the right fit for you. If you do have a strong leadership streak and see the need in your local area you may consider forming and growing a new BUD as well. It is also possible for a person to belong to more than one BUD as long as they can meet the requirements for members of each of those BUDs. So, it is possible to join a pre-existing BUD and create another BUD that has a different focus as well. Creating BUDs is an essential step in The Transition’s plan as it will lead into being able to form more complex structures at a macro level.


I am invested in continuing to improve my Education.

As an organization, The Transition believes in continuing education no matter how young or old you are. There is always more to learn and always a new lens with which we can begin to view the world to have deeper understanding of the challenges we face. By investing in your education and challenging your own beliefs, you are able to arm yourself with knowledge to be the best version of yourself.


I have helped The Transition Spread the Word by referring one new website user

A key fundamental skill people must have in order to make any project come to fruition is the ability to communicate to others your idea and how it relates to their own interests. When a person is able to effectively talk to others about The Transition and get them more actively involved, it helps them in turn build the skills they need to develop and grow their own personal projects. No matter whether you are an introvert or extrovert this is a deeply needed skill for anyone wanting to create social change on any level (micro or macro). By growing The Transition and getting more people involved, you are by default assisting yourself as well. When more people join, you broaden our network, recruit new people with new skill sets, strengths, and expertise and also increase the finances we need to assist people’s projects including your own. Just like in the story of Stone Soup, by helping The Transition, you are supplying yourself an abundance of offerings that also helps yourself.


I have reviewed my Phase experience with my Point Person

This step has been very rewarding for those following the Action Plan as well as The Transition Team members who serve as Point People. By going through this step, we ensure everyone has taken the steps needed to become more involved and educated as well as gain new insight and expertise as to how doing these steps has influenced each user’s life personally as well as professionally. With this information, we are better able to assist other users and give them anecdotal experiences of others who have experienced the steps before them. By working together, we become stronger.

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