Non-Violence 101 Audio Series

This short five-part audio series (each talk is under seven minutes) gives those who are new to nonviolence a quick but rich study of this positive power for personal and social transformation.

To download these talks: right click the links, select “save as” and save the MP3s to your desktop.


Talk 1: What is Nonviolence?


Talk 2: When Can Nonviolence Be used?


Talk 3: Who Can Use Nonviolence?


Talk 4: How Can Nonviolence Be Built Up Into a Major Movement?


Talk 5: Is Nonviolence More Effective than Violence?


Please send any questions that arise for you during these talks to [email protected] with “Nonviolence for Beginners” in the subject line.



Sources: Non-Violence for Beginners

Contributors: Metta Center

Recommended Reading: Non-Violence for Beginners

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