Nicole Bienfang's TOCC Trip Report 2015

THIS IS AN INCOMPLETE DOCUMENT. I WILL BE ADDING ADDITIONAL CONTENT AS I GO THROUGH MY NOTES AND TAKE-AWAYS. (This process may be post-poned due to building and launch of website)


NOTE:Please DO NOT friend request any of the people mentioned in this report without first introducing yourself and having a genuine reason for doing so (not simply collecting friends). The names and links to profiles are provided for reference only.

Twin Oaks Community Conference:


See Program of conference at:


See photos from trip here: Will be added later



  • Transition Team members in attendance

            *Jon Norcross

            * Nicole Bienfang

           * Eric Stetson (we met our first year in 2013)

           *Tim Overath-

           *Matthias Overath-

           *Kerstin Overath-

           *Jeremy Blankenship-

           *Mattrick Patrick-

  • Visited Acorn Community (see:  and reunited with community members I have met in years past as well as met new ones

  • Learned how to milk a goat with Rejoice ( as my instructor

  • Had meaningful moments with various community children

  • Attended workshop called State of the Communities Movement

  • Attended Cooperative Games Workshop

  • Talked with various community representatives about our group

- 5 back copies of Communities Magazine with topics covering:

* # 143 Ecology & Community

* #152 Right Livelihood

* # 157 Endings & Beginnings

* #160 Youth in Community

* #163 Business Ventures


I've also renewed my Communities subscription for another year.

  • Was a co-lecturer/speaker at an Open Session (workshops presented by attendees) on the topic of networking existing ICs and Co-ops to buy and sell with each other to help grow the IC movement and create more momentum for growth.

  • Attended Open Session on changing the narrative of Intentional Community in mainstream culture.

  • Attended New Economics Symposium which addressed people's personal relationships with money and the emotional blocks they have with it. We discussed new models of financing, financial organizing and how we can all work together to help this movement further itself and out-mode the current system.

  • Acquired multiple takeaways such as detailed sheets about workshop material, flyers, brochures etc. of various communities, organizations. (Will add in detail ASAP)

  • 136 mass e-mails sent out to everyone who shared their contact info and attended the event with information of our Facebook group.

  • 33 personal contacts made via our index card exchanges (including notables and key influencers in this field- I will be following up with all of them via e-mail, phone and Skype chats in the coming weeks)

  • Posted on Twin Oaks Community Conference FB page an invite to be beta testers.

As always if you have any questions about anything feel free to contact me. :)

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