Steve Smith -

  • Improving Voluntary Interactions

    1. More ability with public conflict avoidance and peaceful resolution. 2. Daily, then weekly as it gets more demanding. 3. It depends on what the "work" entails. 4. Cannot predict if i will like this or if y'all will like me, so i don't know. 5. Funding projects are for those who want projects to succeed. I do not know what projects you mean. 6. Ideally both, but again, i have no idea as i have not read all of your lengthy website yet. 7. Do you mean time, money, or wisdom? 8. I always promote what i like when able and appropriate. When i love it, even more so. 9. Expect it, no. Hope so, yes. 10. My guess is that a lean and efficient organization can respond within 2 working days. 11. Yes as i am very reasonable.

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