Expectations - Will M.

1. Providing tools and resources to assist with developing a free collaboration network in my local community 2. I will be checking in daily if possible 3. I would be happy to complete the bulk of the work on the ground in my community! I am already volunteering for the Green Party but I really believe I can be doing much more outside the bureaucracy of the classical political system 4. I have spent the majority of my life dedicated to the same mission, values, and vision that The Transition supports! I do not plan to stop my efforts towards transitioning to a more peaceful, just, and ecologically sustainable society anytime soon. 5. I'm not entirely sure! I was first referred to this site when looking for videos/pamphlets to share which would not require funding! I would hope that a network of like-minded members of the Transition would be able to financially support potential projects if it is needed but for the most part, I expect to be involved in projects that do not require much funding at all. 6. I feel that this site has resources to help in all areas of my life! I have a job environment which would most likely not be very receptive to the ideas promoted by the Transition (I work for an insurance company) but that never stops me from trying to plant the seeds! Educational resources such as posters and videos would be extremely helpful in getting the word out to both my colleagues and friends/family. 7. Yes, I'd be more than happy to give to those who need and receive when I am in a position of need myself. 8. I would be happy to promote the site! I never hesitate to share with my online and in person community. 9. I guess that would depend on the definition of "life altering". I'm not sure that the use of this site would qualify, though I will say that the reason I am here is because of other majorly "life altering" ideas that led me to the train of thought behind uplifting all human beings and bringing us back into balance with nature. 10. I have absolutely no expectations for the turn around time after contacting you, although if you would like assistance in that area once I have been authorized (I believe that is after phase II?) I'd be happy to help! I've been doing customer service for years now and I'm sure I would be of great help in answering emails etc 11. I believe my expectations for the Transition are reasonable :)

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