Meet like-minded people, gain skills and knowledge to build my plan

I am hoping to gather the skills and knowledge to gather a group of people and implement a plan to live sustainably and open a worker owned business to support the community. I have recently completed past commitments and I am setting a goal of working on my action plan here on the web weekly and daily at home. I didn't expect your organization to fund my project, I hope to have help making my funds grow or putting my funds with someone else's to build something. I am hoping for help professionally and perhaps on a personal level on community building, problem resolution and other "personal" problems that affect community building. More skills than actual personal issues. I look forward to helping others anyway I can and also receiving help from others. Yes I will help promote the site. I will be having a life changing situation and I hope the site can help me with that. I hope for a week turn around time. Yes I think my expectations are reasonable.

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