I expect some guidance, resources, and online tools to improve my ability to make connections

1) Connecting with people, advice on how to proceed. 2) Realistically, probably Monthly. I expect it to go up as more people become involved and it gets off the ground. 3) I will probably do the bulk of the work, but I wish it wasn't that way. Experience has me a bit jaded. 4)Years 5) I'm not looking for funding at this point. In actuality, I have made friends with someone who writes grants, so I expect he will be able to get us funding if we get enough people together to start a real project. One thing that might be helpful is help getting our group insured. Any advice on that would be helpful. 6) Professional? I see this as a midway between personal and professional thing. I don't expect free psychotherapy, but I don't mind making friends with common interests and goals. 7) Yes 8) Yes 9) maybe eventually - hopefully 10) 1-2 days for initial response - email acknowledgement and forward to an appropriate member. 5-10 business days to resolve minor problems or get back with a phone call to follow up. 11) Yes

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