I hope to be part of the movement taking humanity beyond capitalism

1. My biggest problem is direction. I have good ideas but do not always know how to implement them. 2. I could use the site daily or almost daily at least. 3. I have a project started. I have a non profit with the goal of helping integrate the community through the bonds built through sports. I could use some help, but am willing to help others also. 4. I have already been sharing The Transition, The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, and Ubuntu for years now. I feel helping the world move past capitalism is the most important thing anyone can do. So I plan on sticking around for awhile. 5. I am not positive how The Transition is going to help fund things, but I am willing to help. 6. I guess the site would help on both levels. 7. I am willing to contribute, mostly time right now. 8. Yes. I already do! 9. I sure hope so! 10. I am not sure the response times, but Nicole is good on Facebook. 11. Things seem good. My main expectation or hope is for guidance. As I said I have been sharing the info for a while. I want to see more action taken!

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