My expectations are very fluid.

1. I am sure this is the site that will help me to connect with like minded people. 2. My activity will vary until I am thoroughly engaged with a community vision that I feel connected to. 3. I am overwhelmed by my own projects, maybe I am supposed to ask for help. I kinda think people are busy. 4. I've been on this site since like 2012 or something - yes, waiting and wondering how we will connect, who we would connect with, what we will accomplish, if there would be anyone that would even understand my perspective or vision for our future, and struggling to connect on my own.5. Crypto could be something, ...but I really did not expect to be getting funding for anything. 6. The transition seems to focus on both professional and personal issues. 7. I am willing to give as I am able. I am willing to recieve as provisions appear. 8.Yes. 9.Yes. 10. As time allows - organic growth can not be rushed or slowed. It will bloom as it is supposed to. 11.Yes.

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