How is The Transition Different From Other Groups, Movements, & Non-For-Profits With Similar Beliefs & Goals?


A key distinction is that we do not see us attaining our goals as being an "us vs. them" endeavour. We are not asking our Supporters or Contributors to "pick a team". One of our main goals is to get as many:

that have values aligned with ours and get them working together both figuratively and literally on the same page. That is why we have created the The Action Plan to get everyone operating off of the same basic knowledge and with the same level of training under their belt in order to work more seamlessly together for a brighter future. The Action Plan is series of practical steps, creating a map to get to our united end goal from the here and now we all live in. Every individual starts off with the same first four phases, but then as their vision becomes focused they are directed on the path they determine is right for them and The Transition helps them every step of the way.

We believe in helping people "prosper where they are planted". This means engaging directly with the public on a grassroots level to raise awareness about the issues they care about and that concern their daily lives. This encourages citizens to create a vision of a better future. When people create their local BUD groups it acts as a catalyst - inspiring others to create their own answers and vision - empowering them in the process. When we each do our small part we contribute to large-scale global impact.

The aim is to bring information and resources together in one place, our website works as a central hub to do this. Groups and organizations already working toward making Communities more sustainable and resilient, leverage those resources where possible, and coordinate when the need arises using our website as their command center. Our site also aids in facilitating the creation of BUD groups, events/programsIntentional Communities and Co-op businesses so our movement can grow and be more effective in reaching our goals.

We work to get rid of redundancy that we see in many initiatives and movements all over the world and to help people be more effective in the work they are doing.  We help those who join us on this journey to construct real solutions to the problems they see most pressing in their lives by providing the:

  • Support
  • Space
  • Resources

to do so via our collective knowledge and common heritage of the Earth's resources.

Our Supporters and Contributors find that we  help fill the “gaps” where critical needs were once not being met by other organizations - we make this happen by listening to what their pain points are on a regular basis and taking action to remedy that pain as fast as we possibly can.

Another important aspect of The Transition that differentiates it from other efforts is in it’s ultimate goal of creating a Global Egalitarian System. We feel by reaching this goal we will help eradicate a majority of the major issues that cause the most conflict today in the world we live in.

Lastly, we know the “inner-transition” (aka Heart & Soul) component is a key part of the transition to a better world becoming a reality. Unless people are so committed that not only are they willing to change the world, but they are first and foremost willing to change themselves will we be able to accomplish this grand feat.  We of course, can support each other through these changes as we progress and move forward. is a vital part of Community resilience. 


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