How Does The Cooking Pot help The Transition's Contributors?

The Transition exists to collaboratively design, develop, and implement a network of Intentional communities and Co-op businesses all over the world. This becomes by default a Community (virtually as well as locally) where people are fulfilled in their development towards their highest potential of human experience for themselves and all others. In order to reach that potential we created The Cooking Pot.


The Transition Team felt having our own "in house" crowd-funding platform was key for the work we are doing and our Contributors . Having our own crowd-funding platform allows us to serve our Contributors in the following ways:

  • If they need tangible items we can tap into our network first for those items before raising funding.
  • If they need actual labor assistance we can tap into our network first for those skill sets before raising funding.
  • If either of these two things are needed above (tangible item or labor) instead of money we save the Contributor or BUD a lot of time to actually put into their project!
  • Contributors will not have to pay any additional fees or percent of their funds (only their $5 monthly Contributorship).
  • They only have to raise half of the amount they need and we will match them with the funds we receive via Contributors $5 a month Contributorship funds as well as any additional donation funding we receive.