How Do I Delete My Account?


Contact your Point Person live (via Phone or schedule a Skype call) and request to have your profile (individual or organization) deleted. Our website is built on Nationbuilder and currently the ability for a website user to delete their own profile is not a feature. As an organization we like this because in the past our website user base has had issues with:

  • People assuming their identities
  • Hackers
  • People with malicious intent accessing their electronics (laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.)
  • Significant other's or children accessing their account

For our Point People it has been made clear there is no disputing a live conversation with people you have spoken to before. In order to serve those who use our website the best way we know how and to fulfill their actual wishes this is our current protocol for deleting a profile or account. If these steps are not taken the profile and account will remain intact. We thank you for your understanding.