How Do I Connect with People, Communities or Organizations Right Away?

A question that was sent in from a supporter via the Contact Us page-"Just found your website...and am VERY interested because I am doing a lot of the same research that is already linked to on your site. However, I tried to figure out what to do next and had a really hard time. Where is the community I can join? Where is the connection? Would love to talk with you guys about the work you are doing, because I am at the beginning stages of planning a big eco-village (and have the funds to support it too).”


 In regards to what to do next those steps are:

1. Registering with the site
2. and then following  Your Action Plan page
Once a person registers the site directs them to Your Action Plan right away. Before we launched the website, during our early beta testing we discovered it is unwise to direct people to individuals, communities and organizations right away. That might sound counter intuitive, but we  discovered through our research that individuals are simply not prepared to take that step when they tin_can_call.jpgfirst join The Transition. After observing our beta testers' outcomes as well as getting sound advice from our mentors* we have found that people don't know what they don't know and tend to make unwise decisions based on very little expertise and knowledge often leading them into disastrous situations. Before our website was launched we found out about some terrible events that happened because people connected too early without fully understanding their vision, being trained, or given the tools they needed to succeed. By taking action before properly being informed or going through much needed training they often find themselves losing substantial amounts of time, money and energy. We want to prevent future occurrences of this nature from happening ever again. As a means to prevent more personal tragedies from happening and to help our supporter base be as successful as humanly possible we set up the website to be intuitive to the flow and path they are on and give them the resources and tools they need, right when they need it. Knowing where people and communities are located is NOT the first step to success for people joining The Transition, following the Your Action Plan page is! 
* The mentors we have sought out counsel from on average have no less than 30 years experience in their field of expertise. Those expertise cover many fields including, but not limited to grassroots organizing, living and working in intentional communities, starting and maintaining co-op business, conflict resolution etc. Many of them can be found in our WHO FAQ section of the site.

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    How Do I Connect with People, Communities or Organizations Right Away?