Eunice Officer - [email protected]

  • Eunice Officer's Expectations

    I hope to promote volunteerism for all - especially for those not usually considered valuable volunteers (i.e., youth, elderly, those less than physically able), and resolve concerns about choice and worth in a community setting. I plan to be active at least weekly, benefit and contribute both personally and professionally, and have several projects I am working on but cannot do alone that the Transition team may be able to assist with; and hope to be a very long term participant as I get to know more about this group. I will certainly promote the site as long as it is in alignment with my personal values, and do expect it to be life-altering as is everything one commits to supporting and engaging in. A reasonable expectation of a volunteer-based leadership team would be a response time to suggestions or requests of a few days to weeks. A final hopeful expectation of participation would be a group of people who literally will make a difference in our world in my lifetime - and I think all of these expectations are reasonable!

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