Driftless Area Collective- Update 3

Recently, I've been researching the Citizen's Climate Lobby. Last Wednesday, (on the 4th of July) I took part in a one hour introduction session for Citizen's Climate Lobby, online. Citizen's Climate Lobby is trying to find a way to reduce consumption of oil. They have come up with "The fee and dividend model" which would tax oil at the point of extraction and then the money is refunded equally to all households. The idea is, those who consume less oil pay less tax, and would come out ahead, while those who use more oil pay more tax and would be economically penalized. In this way, the fee and dividend policy would encourage consumers to choose products that use less oil because those products would be cheaper. According to this plan, low income households would come out ahead because they purchase fewer products, and proportionally, the dividend would be a larger share of their monthly income. I urge other people to get involved with this organization. To do this, sign up for their Wednesday Informational Sessions

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