Do I have to recruit to get to the next Phase on Your Action Plan?

A website user asked us "Am I on phase 0 [or any phase I am on] until I successfully recruit someone? I’ve sent my link to people but they’re waiting to see how I experience The Transition before they join up. I’m very uncomfortable trying to do marketing type things, but it will come more naturally, I’m sure, after I’ve started working with Transition members and have a testimonial of my own to share."


Our response is: Our team is very careful when crafting word choice on the site. When the tasks says“I have helped The Transition Spread the Word by referring one new website user, using the Memory Jogger.” we mean just that. If we wanted to make sure someone joined because of one of our website users Spreading the Word we would have used the word “Recruit” for that task. We would never delay an active participant knowingly, because we were making their success based off of someone else’s actions. As an organization we do not believe in “Spray and Pray” marketing where a person or group spam info all over the web and pray it brings in the right people. We believe in developing meaningful relationships that build and grow as time progresses. That's why we offer Examples of Spreading the Word so our website users can see positive examples of how to bring The Transition into a conversation with their peers. That’s also why we have people invite people they know, like, and trust on a 1-on-1 basis using their referral link and give them the opportunity to reflect on who they know personally who have values aligned with those who are part of The Transition. We know a lot of individuals friends or colleagues are using them as a guinea pig to test the water and we don’t want anyone to force or feel forced to be part of our organization, that kind of system doesn’t create the better world we strive for. As long as you Spread the Word and let others know what you are up to we are happy with that. If you are talking about The Transition to other people feel free to check the box and move on to your next task on your given Phase. Our Mission cannot thrive if our organization is stagnant. The site gets better and better as each new person LIKE YOU joins and becomes active on the site.

Inspired by: The Suggestion Box

Contributors: Laura Bochinski 

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