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I’m very unhappy with the political, social and ecological aspect our society. I know we can do much better, because I’ve seen it myself on a micro scale on my grandma’s farm, in organizations I encountered  and the Ecovilages I visited. 

  • Dmitri Shaffer’s Expectations

    I hope this site will help provide a platform to co-create local, sustainable communities, serving as models and educational facilities. I hope to meet likeminded people in my corner of the world, and start an Ecovilage just north of Maynooth, Ontario, Canada. I have 43 acres of healthy, forested land that can support at least 20-50 people sustainably with a large nature reserve left virtually untouched. I have hard time with computers, websites and office stuff, but I’m quite skilled in permaculture and construction, with such specializations as LED lighting, landscaping, masonry, metal work, edible gardens and sustainable forest management. I believe that people of all ages and walks of life have something to contribute in a true community setting. My son is 6 now and I’m not planing to completely move to the land for another 10 years or so, but that never stoped me from planing, building and organizing there.

I was born in the USSR, I migrated to Israel at the age of 9, immigrated to Canada at the age of 18. I got a Bachelor in economics. Now, i’m a self employed contractor.
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