Feeling guided

1. I’m hoping the transition will help me put together a community that prioritizes trans and neurodivergent individuals, being trans and autistic myself. That is individuals who fall out of gender norms. This community is consistently at risk and needs to be protected and allowed to grow. 2. If this proves to be helpful I would like to be engaged everyday. 3. I plan to do a lot of the work at first, but welcome any help and guidance that can be given. 4. I want to be invested. I don’t have a ton of money, but I see a definite need. 5. I believe that with organization, funding is easy. 6. Help with professional matters would be great. And help with personal matters is welcome from other neurodivergent and Transgendered peeps. 7. Yes. I am willing to help how I can. 8. Yes. 9. I feel like I’m being guided, so really this whole process of setting up this community is life altering. 10. Not sure I am open. 11. I believe East Tennessee is ready to begin to learn about the needs of both the Trans and Neurodivergent communities. I believe it is beyond time for the Trans and Neurodivergent communities in southern Appalachia to finally feel safe.

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