Decision-Making Processes

Ways that groups can make decisions:

  1. Voting- decisions are made according to the wishes of a majority or fixed percentage of members.
  2. Fiat- a decree, sanction, or order is given from a person or persons in authority.
  3. Delegated Authority- a group assigns a person or persons to make a specific decision or set of decisions for the group (this obviously does not  say how the small group makes the decision, but only that the larger group waives the right to make the decision and trusts the smaller group).
  4. Decision by non-decision- an often tried method in groups dealing with an issue that is too hot to handle, gets tabled or filibustered; or used when the group cannot seem to find a process to discuss the issue reasonably and bring it to conclusion.
  5. *Consensus- a process through which an entire group seeks out the best decision to which all can agree.


* The Transition's preferred method of decision-making.




Sources: Building Social Change Communities

Contributors: Susanne Terry, The Training/Action Affinity Group of Movement for a New Society

Recommended Reading:  Building Social Change Communities

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