Here are my answers to all 11 questions

1) Finding community to cocreate with. Finding awesome people is the problem I expect to solve 2) Almost daily 3) For “my” project I am hoping to find many people to do the work as I have limited spoons. I do not expect ANYONE to do something they do not want to and feel called to do 4) I am here for the long haul to work on my project and help others with theirs, once we have saved all of humanity I will take a break 5) I do not expect funding, I have my own (similar) funding model 6) It is all connected, I bring my whole self to everything I do and accept others as they are. 7) Yes that is what community is 8) Absolutely...already tweeted it and shared it on FB 9) Already has been, introduced to nonviolent communication and non zero days 10) A few days would be my expectation but communication to a timeline would help me if it is longer than a week (ie: it takes us a few weeks to get back to people) 11) I am a very reasonable person, even when it comes to me “unreasonable project”. I do not require my expectations to be met. I am here for what is offered as it changes and evolves.

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