Connect the Dots for Others

Angela lives in a county that is about to have two coal fired power plants shut down, next year. She knows it's going to economically devastate this already poor rural region she lives in. She made the following post to make others aware of how The Transition can help her community. She knows that the best thing they can do as a community is take preventative measures before things take a turn for the worse.


She then goes on to mention in the comments of her own thread that she herself has started Your Action Plan. This is great because not only does it show she is serious about what she says she cares about in the post, but it also demonstrates to others they can be lead by her example. People tend to not respond well to people who talk about what they "should" do, who don't do it themselves. By making this additional comment Angela shows she doesn't just "talk the talk", but she "walks the walk" as well.


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