Avo Quadro's Expectation

I'm comfortable and confident in my self and my abilities to provide for myself living at my parents. However I would like to branch off and move out with my best friend who is struggling at the moment. We are like our own 2 man seedling. We have BIG plans to contribute massively to this project in the future. However at the moment we are bogged down in figuring out a housing plan that has been changing day by day. I am comfortable here at my parents and they have an extra room. I'm awaiting a response from them if they will let him stay for 2 months to give us time to save up some money and move out. Worst case scenario we drive south to some place warm to be homeless for a bit while we figure out a source of income and a short term housing situation. 1. If we could find temporary housing here that would be ideal if not we'll eventually seek out housing when we travel south. So housing, food, and potential as money to travel to a job is the most we'll ever ask for. 2. Depends on what I'm focused on. But on average I'm guessing weekly because I don't like to spend much time on my phone. I prefer to garden and do face to face project/tasks/chores with for the seedling and bud at first until I shift focus to where I'm needed most. 3. I expect to do the bulk of the work and be the main leader/organizer for my bud. I'm very considerate, easy to work with and will prioritize our success like our lives depend on it. I'm not afraid to go a whole week straight without food or water. I only things I worry about for myself is warmth, connection and friends who have my back. 4. I'm serious in everything I do, however I'm not counting on this to work. I'm always searching for backup plans so to minimize my/our dependency. I don't want to get my seedlings hopes up and not deliver. I do all I can and when I feel myself getting to stressed I take a break, meditate, do breathwork and seek out help. I give and receive intelligently. 5. I have ideas. We can talk and figure this stuff out together ❤️ 6. Personal only. Professional stuff is done within my seedling 7. Yes. I'm here to give and receive. Omni-win all the way! 8. Yes. If this helps my seedling, we will naturally promote it. 9. Helpful yes. The ripple effects may be life altering. I don't know what to expect from you guys. Idk who is close by. Idk if anyone around is able or available to help. Idk how big this network is. We are all creating as we go. 10. Few days to a week 11. Yes

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