I imagine I will both learn and contribute here

I expect I will be rewarded for spending time here. I am registered to see what the Transition is about, to learn about its mission and to see if there is a niche for me.
My responses to the questions ...
1. I expect to find a lot of information here about how to establish a community. I can already see the site is very comprehensive!
2. I'll be 'checking in' regularly, so I can work through the Action Plan.
3. I expect to get my project underway using my own resources; I also expect the info you've gathered here will be very helpful.
4. I imagine I'll be connected a while, and have become a 'supporter'.
5. I have no expectation that The Transition will fund any of my projects.
6. I expect I will get information here that will help in all parts of life - everything is interconnected!
7. I will contribute to others if I am able.
8. If there are ideas or concepts I want to promote, I will do so.
9. As everything affects everything, I'm sure participation here will change my life in some way.
10. I have no expectation that suggestions will be necessarily answered, though I'm sure they will be noted :)
11. I believe my expectations are reasonable.

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