Freedom Abounds

1. I am joining TT to be helpful and to learn. Humanity and freedom are my passion projects. TT will bring me focus. 2. Weekly and sometimes daily. 3. I will be contributing and collaborating. 4. I want to see positive changes and I want to be a part of that. 5. Through the use of grants and fundraising. 6. My hope is the help I can receive and give will be both professional and personal. 7. Yes 8. I don't use social media to promote anything except my own yoga teaching rarely. When I am passionate and excited about something, though, you can't stop my word of mouth promoting. 9. I understand you get out what you put in. My life goal is to be spirit led and I believe that's what led me here. We shall see. I hope for everything for everyone. 10. The turnaround on corresponding rate between the teams partly is dependent upon myself so I have a pretty good feeling about it. 11. Yes

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