Oliver Carrier - kittypooh100@gmail.com

  • Strength

    1. Personally, this may be a perfect way for me to get more productive. I am already an LGBTQ activist, but I'm also mentally ill which really hinders my productivity. I'd like to do more in my community in a way that I can digest and handle.

    2. I'll definitely visit this site weekly, but if I get more invested, I'll definitely be on more than that.

    3. I would like the Transition Team to help me do the bulk of the work at first. I'm a very slow worker but I do provide quality when I'm finished.

    4. If things go right, I'd like to stay invested. My brain tends to go all over the place, but I want to help out in any way I can.

    5. I'm not sure what project would be good for me yet.

    6. I feel like this site could really help me branch out in more than just a professional way - perhaps help me branch out and get comfortable with a work environment.

    7. I'm always willing to go and recieve in any way I can.

    8. I'll definitely promote the website.

    9. I hope this website impacts my life in a positive way.

    10. I bet you'll definitely listen to any feedback given. All ideas are potential.

    11. I hope my expectations are reasonable, if not we can always find a compromise.

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