Help provide a regenerative living artist community devoted to giving back to the earth!

1. There is almost unlimited things that i could achieve with the proper help, initially a home, local food security, and reducing not only my own carbon footprint, but also helping others reduce theirs. Later I aim to raise the local water table, help provide jobs, organic non-gmo seeds, provide permaculture courses, help impoverished areas get affordable shelter, clean water and abundant food. 2. Weekly, for i have many other things i am juggling at the moment. 3. I have a solid team that is dedicated to our vision so the majority of work to get the project going will be done by us, plus i was a promoter for years and have a very good network so i will be doing most of the business and networking. 4. I would say for years because our aim is to create a "Gaianomcs" that will benefit life in all its forms, so essentially our relationship should benefit both of us more and more as we grow individually. 5. I try not to have expectations but i guess through contributors, investors, donations, or any other means you may have available to you, or by helping me get 501c3 status so i can get grants and do fundraisers myself. 6. I believe that its all connected so the professional matters you will be helping me with will in turn help me with many of my personal ones as well. 7. Absolutely! The aim is to he helping and contributing to everyone in the community. 8. As long as we both benefit that wouldn't be a problem for me. 9. Once again I try not to have expectations but if things go as i hope they will, it will be life altering to more than just my own! 10. I didn't really consider that, i wouldn't know, anywhere from a day to a week or two? 11. Yes I do and i believe that the power of the universe is on our side for this!

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