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1. It is my interest to work towards the establishment of a resource-based paradigm in which human development is driven beyond avarice and infantile greed to promote the advancement of civilization as is necessary in keeping with the needs of the presently living population and posterity such as expanding our social and civil infrastructure to assure universal access to food, water, housing, medical care and open communications, including achievements necessary to the survival of the species, such as the establishment of human habitats in the deep sea, in deep space and on other worlds. For such projects to be driven forward without being hoarded, sidetracked, retarded or disestablished in the interest of private greed, they must be undertaken by workers, engineers, researchers and explorers dedicated to the advancement and quality life of all people and all living things. To these ends, I believe that organizations such as this serve a greater purpose in resolving the problems faced by humanity and by an overcrowded, over-polluted and strangulated Earth. 2. If there are projects being actively undertaken to this end or people organizing towards the undertaking of such projects in the public interest, I will be active herein daily, or at the very least several times a week, in coordinating to put 40+ hours a week of effort into advancing these goals. 3. Experience has taught me that the bulk of the work in getting any project off of the ground has been my responsibility, however, I look greatly forward to meeting and coordinating with other motivated individuals willing to put an equal, mutual cooperative effort into advancing such goals towards the same ends, and I am more than willing to work as a part of any team presently engaged in such endeavors. 4. I am invested in the organization in that I know some of the people involved in establishing this group and this platform. I am dedicated to the same goals, and my participation can be expected to last for as long as I am mentally and physically fit for duty. 5. Matters of funding will depend on a particular project. For example, if I was to launch a specific public works, research or exploratory project in the immediate future, I would expect that the purposes of such a project as well as of this organization would most immediately be served by incorporating a non-profit organization dedicated to that project, for a pre-determined period of time or indefinitely, depending on the circumstances of the particular project, so that other organizations and individuals with a shared interest would be able to contribute to the capital necessary to such an undertaking, under the present paradigm, without being further taxed for their contribution. Efforts to these ends would be well-assisted with information, streamlining or capital designated for the purpose of providing such an incorporation framework. Any other assistance which can be offered, such as in organizing to partner with other organizations which can back the expense and labor of such a project (perhaps organizations such as the Corporation for National and Community Service/Americorps/Vista) would also be of great benefit in getting projects started, and seeing them through to completion. 6. I have no opinion on the question of professional and personal matters, the two are very much interconnected in that we will be getting nothing accomplished if the needs of the workers are not met, yet it is very easy for a team to turn into a constant 24/7 social club or a group counseling session, if constant distraction from the goals of the project is to be expected, thus I would consider such a team to be balanced in it's work, between seeing to the welfare of the collective as well as focusing on setting clear goals and timelines for the accomplishment of the work at hand, and sticking to them. 7. I am willing to do whatever I can to advance the projects being undertaken, and I expect it to be a cooperative effort, so yes. 8. I am willing to help with promoting the site and the organization as long as I feel that it is in alignment with my personal values. 9. I expect my involvement in any project or organization to be life altering in several ways...most notably, in the amount of free time that I have available to dedicate to other projects. 10. I have no idea how fast the turn around time for suggestions and contacts will be, I expect that it will be entirely dependent and variable based upon the size and availability of the volunteer staff dedicated to reviewing and responding to such matters. 11. I feel that my expectations are reasonable, and if they're not, I hope that someone will point out where I am in error.

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