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  • The Main Page especially. Just have the Main Page. But what software do they need and what is the Plan for this Tutorial?

  • Juice Rap News in the Jukebox

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL74DF342B06C8102E https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrQu8dSg1bHYXqGWAMq2ALVP_Uoxr1aVB https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrQu8dSg1bHYkML0N34B9TsdLxX0ptE9r https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrQu8dSg1bHY7lNAhEi_sn89R_ubitrpQ Those are the Raps of a Group called "Juice Media" Their two Members are Hugo Farrant and Giordiano Nanni. Everything one needs to know about them is put into their Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juice_Rap_News The Reason I think they are a good addition to the Jukebox is, that the Lyrics are superb, give you different Views and don't enforce a way to see things. While they ask rhetorical Questions, they never say you have to do this or that other thing. They are Proactive in such a way, that they ask you to fill in Petitions, Inform yourself and realize that "History is Happening"

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  • Hugo Farrant for the Jukebox

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA9EE4495CDA5D669 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1kG5ZPSbJ9slhaSfyfcmHdg8X5lEyybR This is the Youtube Channel and Music of the Artist "Hugo the Poet" He has put his in depth Knowledge of People and his Opinion of the current world and how we can transcend this into 2 Albums. He has put in rather Chilled Out Tunes as well as very upbeating Raps. His Lyrics are Proactive to me in the sense, that he gives you a better understanding of your sourrounding and where we could be from and how this affects us and how to treat your fellow human beings.

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  • New Jukebox Design

    A new Design for the Jukebox. This would create less clutter and make this Area more accesible I will continue to add redesign, as soon as I think of one: http://imageshack.com/a/img538/4151/4VCHbu.png

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    You know that for a moneyless world tomorrow we have to chip in today to make it happen. Your small contribution helps maintain the site as well as fund co-op projects and expansion all over the world. Your $5.00 Contributorship dues are vital to sustaining The Transition and expanding its activities in The Transition Inter- Community Network. With a click of the button your Contributorship instantly goes to:

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  • Our Trust

    After reading this, please endorse below as The Transition sees YOU as one of our many beneficiaries.

    Intent: We unite and empower people to take positive action towards enhancing and protecting all life and our environment for future generations.

    Purpose:  Our purpose is to construct real solutions by providing the support, space, and resources for the common heritage of the Earth's resources and  to do so via our collective knowledge.  We are committed to building community projects that promote organic farming, alternative transportation, clean drinking water, renewable energy, green building, and using music and the arts to convey the message.

    With a special focus on street-involved youth and families living in poverty, we encourage community involvement through collaborative volunteerism, education, programs and media events. We help others enhance their food and housing security, learn life skills, and build confidence to make the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle - leading to a Global Egalitarian System for the good of all.

    We strive to create an inclusive community where all members have the skills, confidence, and support to live a healthy  life.  It is our pledge to each other and to the world we are creating, to help each other live life to the fullest.  


    Our method of collaboration within our Transition Inter-Community Network is based on scientific benchmarks to meet everyone's’ needs - instead of what’s most profitable - therefore exchange between members requires no monetary attachment.





    • BUD Weekly meetings.
    • Formal Consensus as described in On Conflict & Consensus, & Consensus for Cities.
    • Self assignment of tasks during scheduled meetings.
    • Scientific Method (Plan, Do, Study, Act)
    • If a problem is brought to light, a possible solution is then brought to the table, or an adjustment to a pre-existing process or structure is suggested.
    • We use the wisdom of the crowd via polls, 1 on 1 anecdotal interviews pooled together and reviewed for trends, as well as various types of crowdsourcing.




    Responsibilities of Trustees:

    • Be a beacon of example
    • To serve the Contributors
    • Adhere to Team Commitments
    • Maintain website
    • Be a source of support for fellow members
    • Provide outreach to other intentional communities, co-ops, organizations, and other similar movements.
    • Align values and behaviors with The Transition Benchmarks
    • Do continual personal education
    • Develop systems and procedures
    • Maintain Communal mindset towards Egalitarian lifestyle
    • Understand that all work created for and done on behalf of The Transition remain with The Transition, even if one leaves the BUD and is no longer able to fulfill the role or obligations of a Trustee.


    Grantors:  Mike Upstone & Nicole Bienfang


    Beneficiaries: I hereby agree to the following statement:

    I will participate in the positive, inclusive decision-making structure of The Transition and abide by the decisions made in my Contributorship to The Transition. I bring my integrity and commitment to the ideals of trust, respect, self-empowerment, cooperation, equal access to power, and non-violence. I am committed to the vision of diverse membership of The Transition and the site is considered a “Safe Zone".   I hereby agree to  treat everyone equal of value with differing gifts and Contribute for the good of all. I will attempt to minimize barriers to Contributors of any groups wishing to participate.

    (Please endorse below if you agree to abide by this Trust and all statements made herein. Use of this site is considered an implied agreement to this Trust even if your name is absent from the “signatures” below.)


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