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  • I have Sagan’s book, “Pale Blue Dot”, and this video conveys much of its message. The images are incredibly beautiful.

  • I’ve seen this, or something similar, before. I agree that it does take some courage to be a leader, or even one of the first followers, but then it becomes acceptable and not so scary. That is my concept for an intentional community, to gather a few similar-minded individuals in a group, and keep channels open for outsiders to observe and participate. “If you build it, they will come” (Field of Dreams).

  • This is a good video, especially considering it is from 2007, before the economic crash and the unprecedented gridlock in our government caused by Republicans and “conservatives”. I’m sure things are worse now, and I doubt that any major improvement is forthcoming anytime soon. We really need to educate people to reality, but unfortunately a large number have been thoroughly brainwashed by advertisements and politicians and corporate shills. How to get people to think rationally is the challenge.

  • I can personally relate to this concept. I have always enjoyed being creative and working in the technology field, mostly electronics design and software. While I was employed full time as an electronics engineer, for 15 years, I often worked after hours or at home without extra pay, because I wanted to make a contribution and I enjoyed the challenge. I never really demanded any raises or other compensation, and instead I appreciated having special privileges such as coming in late and being able to work until late at night. I also enjoyed the camaraderie of other employees, and the encouragement of others who recognized what I was doing.

    But after about 12 years, the company was handed over to a “hotshot MBA type” CEO who was more concerned about making money for himself and the stockholders, and he sold the division I worked in to our major competitor, because my latest design threatened their profitability, and our CEO was able to negotiate a deal that was good for him, but cost me my job. The company that bought the division offered me a job (in Dallas), but not as a design engineer, and instead just to support the older products that I was in the process of improving, which was unacceptable for whatever substantial compensation they offered. However, this provided impetus for me to start my own company, where I was able to pursue my ideas for new products, and maintain my residence in MD.

    I have been in business for 27 years, although now semi-retired, and I still enjoy supporting my customers with repairs and improvements, as well as new projects for my own interests in EVs and for others in the DIY EV community. I have lived frugally and my expenses are easily covered by SSA benefits and a modest income from my business. Life is good!

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