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What is Twin Oaks Intentional Community?


Twin Oaks is an income-sharing community of roughly 100 people living on 450 acres of farm and forestland in Virginia. They were twin_oaks_logo.pngfounded in 1967, and their lifestyle reflects values of egalitarianism, ecology, and non-violence. They welcome scheduled visitors throughout the year. 

They are an economically self sufficient community. Community members work in their 3 main community businesses- making:

These businesses provide about 1/3 of their work; the rest goes into the tasks needed to support a rural village of 100 people- organic gardening, milking cows, equipment and building maintenance, office work, and more. Their work schedules of 42 hours each week are very flexible. In return for member's labor, the community provides all basic needs, including housing, food, clothing etc. Twin Oaks has an intricate community culture.

Their everyday lives include many recreational activities-social and support groups, performances, music, games, dance, and art. Their culture values tolerance of diversity and sustainable living. They share their vehicles, they build their own buildings, and share multiple houses of 10-20 people. Some of their community members work actively for peace and justice, ecology, and feminism. Each summer they host a Women's Gathering and a Communities Conference.

They offer a 3-hour tour on many Saturdays afternoons; please call during business hours or e-mail to reserve a place. Their 3 week visitor program is a pre-requisite for membership and must be arranged by letter or e-mail well in advance of the propose stay.



Commune (organized around sharing almost everything)

Ecovillage (organized around ecology and sustainability









Food Grown:

From 50-75%


By a council, group of Elders, or leadership group

Renewable Energy Produced:


Income Sharing:

All or close to all


Omnivore, Organic

Work Hours/Wk:


Accepting Members:



Accepting Visitors:



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