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Name Drop

If you see fellow Transition supporters or Contributors in your Facebook feed doing awesome things tag them and let others know about it too! Here Christal tags me in a post about my podcast interview with Jenise Fryatt. The only thing that could have been better about this post is if she also shared a link for the site, but in this instance if they listen to the podcast they will get the website url. 


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Connect the Dots for Others

Angela lives in a county that is about to have two coal fired power plants shut down, next year. She knows it's going to economically devastate this already poor rural region she lives in. She made the following post to make others aware of how The Transition can help her community. She knows that the best thing they can do as a community is take preventative measures before things take a turn for the worse.


She then goes on to mention in the comments of her own thread that she herself has started Your Action Plan. This is great because not only does it show she is serious about what she says she cares about in the post, but it also demonstrates to others they can be lead by her example. People tend to not respond well to people who talk about what they "should" do, who don't do it themselves. By making this additional comment Angela shows she doesn't just "talk the talk", but she "walks the walk" as well.


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Answer the Questions

Loraine posted a status that expressed his deepest desire and it popped up in my Facebook feed.


I made a comment directly in reference to that status which he "liked".


At this time he was already aware about my personal values and how they align with his own due to being my Facebook friend. He also knew about my affiliation with The Transition since he was part of our Facebook group when we were doing research and development for our website and recruiting beta testers. However, he never became a beta tester or migrated over when we shut down our temporary Facebook group page once our website was launched. My comment demonstrates to him exactly what he needs to do to get what it is he says he wants in his status. Our website was designed specifically for people exactly like him! Everyone needs a fellow "crazy dancing person". Your Action Plan was designed to do just that! 


Many others replied to his thread as well. One of them commented a question directly below his "call to arms"to which I replied.


After reading my response Loraine then "liked" my comment. My one comment by default could potentially have an impact on getting Loraine back involved with The Transition and maybe inspire his FB friend Peter to get involved as well. As interest builds on this thread  many other folks may find themselves ready to take action too. When people ask questions or vent their concerns answer the "call", direct them to where they need to go to make their dreams and aspirations happen.

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Share Impact

One of our pre-existing Contributors shared this status on their personal Facebook page .


There were many comments below including this one by another Contributor:


Collectively and with no pre-planning these two Contributors demonstrated not only why The Transition is a good organization to get involved with, but also has verifiable proof of the value the site provides to those who actively use the site.


By doing so they re-inspired a formally dormant supporter to get more involved again. Which by default could inspire new people witnessing the thread to get involved for the first time! It comes full circle!


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Use Context Clues

The person who shared this meme on their Facebook wall clearly wants to change the world. 


Meir let's this person know in his comment that follows that if the change they want to make is a positive one that they might be interested in getting involved with The Transition. To further educate them he offers the link to the About page so they can learn more.

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Express Your Excitement

When you are excited about something the energy you communicate to others becomes contagious. Share with others what you are excited about and see how your excitement spreads and touches others in a meaningful way.jenise_comment.png

Jenise shares in her post the excitement she has for The Transition website after hosting a podcast interview with me. She also let's people know what she is most focused on accomplishing and provides a direct link to what got her excited in the first place.

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Share Your Origin Story

People are very much interested in how others came to learn about something or why it is they think a certain way about a given topic. Help people better understand you and what you are about by sharing the origins of where your thinking came from.


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Show Gratitude

Showing gratitude is an extremely effective way to promote The Transition or anything you care about. It works in the following ways:

  • It reveals to people you are a positive person, one they might want to work more closely with or get to know better.
  • It informs other people that you will NOT take their actions for granted if they should choose to help you now or in the future.
  • The positive feelings you express are associated with the thing or person you are promoting, automatically.
  • It makes those you show gratitude  tofeel good.
  • The people you show gratitude to are more likely to help you in the future.
  • Showing gratitude creates a reciprocal flow to any relationship. Where there is reciprocity everyone's needs tend to be met.


Frank's post is made more effective by him noting a "Call to Action" for people to take by saying "Please look at the link below." & " I encourage you to get on board with us". 

expert_tip_bubble.png When people edify you publicly like this it is always good to "Like" or "Love" their post. Not only does it show the person edifying you that you appreciate and respect them as well, but it communicates to others that you have a real ongoing relationship with the person.

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Start a Dialogue

Don't rest on your laurels and be a "Like" or "Share" lemming create a segway that helps people open up a dialogue. Remember in order to Start a Movement you have to have a second crazy dancing person and sometimes that "crazy" person needs to be an outspoken or vulnerable version of YOU!


This is a Facebook post belonging to one of my friend's that went through my FB feed. Notice what she writes above this video of nature she chose to share.


I used relaxed spelling and language that is authentic to the relationship I have with this person (heck this isn't even a complete sentence probably should have gone back and edited it! lol). I then shared a related link from The Transition website that directly correlated with what she said above the video.


Sometime after my comment I received a friend request from Ivi Brown (according to FB she is friends with my friend who made this post). I accepted her friend request automatically, not thinking or considering the comment I had made on our mutual friend's FB page. My belief is that anyone that is friends with this friend of mine is an exceptional person deserving of an accepted friend request.


This message from Ivi was found in my "Other" folder in my inbox. Please note the time stamps of the original post and Ivi's message to me. Also, pay attention to how I let her know what my expectations were of her now that I have given her this information.


This is Ivi's next message to me after I provided her the link to Your Action Plan. I am her Point Person so she contact me yet again to make immediate plans for her Review Session. Take note of how she mirrors the same respect I gave her by letting me know when she would be done with her first Phase and looking forward to reconnecting for her Phase Review. Pay attention again the time stamp and how fast it took her to:

  • Find out about The Transition
  • Ask more questions to become engaged.
  • Take next steps.
  • Have her Review Session

It really is that simple! I have daily interactions like this all the time.

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